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Thank you for taking the time to check out my newly redesigned website. My name is Brad Johnson and this site is dedicated to tracing my family's heritage. The genealogical research of my ancestors and all of their descendants are combined into this family database. These records includes biographical information, stories, photos, and source documents that related to their history. Not everything is authenticated, but I am working through the database so as much information as I can find is available through this database. I strongly urge you to do your own due diligence on my information. If you see anything to update or have stories, records, documents, or photographs of individuals, please share them with me. Also if you have any feedback, submissions, or suggestions, I would appreciate the information as well as with any errors, the corrections with sources.(Please click the "MORE" link at the bottom of this section for a form to fill out.)

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Bradley J. Johnson

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Our Parents ... My Start...

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To the right is a picture of my father (Jack Fredrick Johnson) and mother (Betty Jean Farrington). My father's family surnames are Riddle and Johnson. The surnames of my mother's side are Farrington and Alexander. For more info on my parents click the "MORE" link below.

Like everyone's family, my family is unique. As I researched my parent's families and their past, I have developed a better idea of where I came from, and a better perspective of my own life. Having a clear understanding of my family's background gives me an appreciation for today. I believe that a persons' roots, history, and origin is an important aspect in one's life to explore. It provides you with a connection to your heritage, as well as providing a sense of identity. By preserving, as well as sharing my lineage, I am providing future generations in our family, a clearer picture of where they came. It also in the larger picture shows them where they fit in, in my family's storyline.

The purpose of this site is to preserve my family's past for future generations. My brother Chris and I stated our family tree back in 2008. I have continued working on it to this date. This site contains my family's database, to include stories, photos, and source documents related to our history. My extended family has come from various countries from around the world. Some have stayed in a relatively small areas for generations, where others family members have travelled long distances for a variety of reasons.

With our family I began my research with my four Grandparents, two of which I have never met, due to their early deaths long before I was born. A quick introduction can be found under the "MORE" link below.

This site carves a place for my family in the larger historical perspective and preserves our past. All of these people in our tree, have contributed to my family's genetic makeup and personalities. There are thousands of names -- people who fought in conflicts, revolutions, and wars. There are -- pilgrims, immigrants, and wonders from all over the world. And all of these people are a part of me and my family, they are all a part of who we are!

This is our story ...



Today's Families ...

... are of course your parents and your siblings. But, today with the divorce rate so high, you have other family members that must be considered. Examples are adoptive parents, step-children, half-siblings, previous spouses, and In-laws, who to include in a family tree can be very confusing. There is a lot to consider as to who should be included your family tree? As for my family tree, I have tried to include all of them. By including them I have a better idea of who they are and how they fit into my family. Please see my family tree by clicking the "MORE" link below.


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The Johnson Family's Grandparents

Where our story begins ...
Amial Arnold Johnson

Amial Arnold Johnson

Born: August 4, 1891, Delaware County, Indiana, USA (out of Wedlock to Flora Johnson) Died: February 14, 1932, Muncie, Delaware, Indiana, USA

Married Bertha Riddle in March 3, 1917

Bertha Riddle

Bertha Riddle

Born: July 27, 1897, Morehead, Rowan, Kentucky, USA Died: June 28, 1990, Muncie, Delaware, Indiana, USA

had 6 children with Amial Johnson -- Robert, William, Gertrude, Arnold, Retta Bee and Jack.

Jabez Virgil Farrington

Jabez Virgil Farrington

Born: April 14, 1898, Jerome, Howard, Indiana, USA Died: August 16, 1973, Simi Valley, Ventura, California, USA

Married Etta Mae Alexander on October 1, 1921

Etta Mae Alexander

Etta Mae Alexander

Born January 31, 1891, Alexander, Madison, Indiana, USA Died: October 24, 1934, Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA

had 6 children with Jabez Farrington -- Luella, Sarah, Grace, Betty, John and Robert.

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Family Quotes

...Some of my favorites...

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Both my parent's and their siblings were raised in the Indiana Soldiers and Sailors Children's Home in Knightstown, Indiana. My father lost his father, my mother lost her mother, both ended up in the Indiana Soldier's and Sailor's Children's Home where they meet and later in life -- married!


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